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The Future: 2021 NFL Draft Prospects Trevon Moehrig

Safety is one of my favorite positions to scout and I believe it is currently one of the most undervalued positions in the NFL. Trevon is my number one safety in this draft class. He is a rangy free safety who can play multiple roles but is best as a single high safety who can play on his instincts and control the middle of the field. I think he has a chance of going in the late first round but it's more likely that he gets drafted in the second round even though I believe he is a middle-late first-round talent. The traits I'll discuss below include how he plays in run support, his range, his open-field tackling, his ball skills, and how well he plays man coverage.

Run Support- At 6'2, 200lbs, he is very aggressive in run support. This will lead to some bad angles and missed tackles due to not breaking down as he gets to the ball carrier. He is very consistent with his use of leverage to not only contain runners but to also use the sideline to his advantage. When he does stay under control and breakdown he can deliver some very big hits as well as make very good, technically sound tackles. He is violent when coming from high to low which he is often tasked with and again when under control his angles can be very good. Lastly, his athleticism allows him to make plays all over the field, whether he starts lined up in the box or as a single high safety he seems to always be around the ball carrier.

Range- Moehrig is a very rangy, athletic safety. As a two-high safety, he can make plays from the middle of the field to the sideline when in a deep zone. As a single high safety, he has shown that he can dominate the middle of the field, being able to get from numbers to numbers on the field. He is excellent at coming downhill to makes plays on the ball and is very good at reading the quarterback and diagnosing route combinations. His athleticism and mental processing allow him to be a ball-hawking safety who can create turnovers whenever his areas of the field are targeted.

Open Field Tackling- In the open field, he is a solid tackler. There is room for improvement in regards to how aggressive he can be which is similar to how he is in run support. When he does break down his ability to make technically sound tackles is very good but when he is over-aggressive he will take too sharp angles or overrun the ballcarrier. Even though he isn't the most consistent with his technical abilities, he does a good job of bringing ball carriers to the ground regardless of how he does it. His processing ability/ability to read the play allows him to always be in the right position to make a play on the ball carrier. If he can be more consistent with staying in control he can be a very good, consistent tackler both in the run game and in the open field.

Ball Skills- Moehrig has elite ball skills. Not only is he often in the position to make a play on the ball but he can create turnovers and passes defended. When playing as a deep safety he is willing to put his body on the line by fully laying out to make plays on the ball and he knows when to highpoint the ball to try to intercept it as well as when to simply try to knock the ball down. When in man, he does a very good job of getting his head around to find the ball, especially on deep routes. When coming downhill in both man and zone, especially on routes going in towards the middle of the field, he does a good job of not interfering while also making plays on the ball legally.

Man Coverage- Moehrig will often play man coverage in the slot as well as on tight ends and he does a very good job when playing off coverage when he can come up and jump short/intermediate routes. His athletic ability allows him to stay in phase with slot receivers as well as tight ends. Since he does a good job of getting his head around to find the ball he is susceptible to being beat by double moves and any plays that are broken down with the quarterback escaping and receivers going off-script.

The way that Moehrig plays is very similar to the film of 2018 Grant Delpit who was a very rangy, instinctive safety with very good ball skills. Unlike Delpit, Moehrig will not have the season fall off that Delpit did. I was a very big fan of Delpit, even with his disappointing play in 2019. I am just as big of a fan of Moehrig and I believe he could be a steal in the 2nd round for any team that needs a deep safety who can consistently make plays on the ball.

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