• Matt Oehl

The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Teven Jenkins

Teven Jenkins has plenty of experience, starting 35 career games, mostly at right tackle with some experience at both guard and left tackle. At 6'6, 315lbs he is a top heavy prospect who knows how to use his size and power to his advantage, especially in the run game. He can consistently create movement in the run game and has powerful, heavy hands in pass protection.

Pass Protection- He is very good in pass protection, having most of his experience at right tackle he had to go against both speed and power rushers and was able to win the majority of his reps. He has solid, quick feet that allow him to quickly get into his pass set. He has very good balance and anchors very well, rarely getting pushed back into the quarterback. He has solid hands that are very powerful and he does a good job in controlling defenders.

Lateral Mobility- He is a solid athlete for his size. He played in a dominantly zone running scheme so he is more then capable of moving laterally and playing in space. He played well in this scheme but didn't thrive. He isn't going to consistently win due to his ability to move. There are times where smaller, quicker defenders can get the best of him with there athletic ability.

Length- His length is below average and there are times when longer edge rushers can get the best of him. It isn't as big of a concern as a right tackle in my opinion and he knows how to counter and overpower defenders who are longer then him.

Hands- He has very good hands in pass protection. He does a good job with keeping his hands inside the pads of edge rushers and battles when he gets into hand fights. He adjusts well when he doesn't initially hit his mark with his hands. In the run game he can get a little too overaggressive with his hands which can lead to him sometimes missing his marks.

Zone Block- He played in a zone scheme his entire career so he knows how to do it. His athletic ability isn't going to lead to him dominating in a zone scheme but he is more then capable of playing in space.

Power Block- This is where Jenkins can dominate at the next level. He is a nasty run blocker and can move people off the ball and create massive running lanes for his backs. He goes into every run play wanting to blow up the defender in front of him. There are times there where he can play out of control and off balance due to his aggression.

Power at POA- To reiterate what I said above he is a nasty blocker who wants to destroy the player opposite him. He has the power to embarrass defenders and plays through the whistle consistently. He is a mauler in the run game and this is without a doubt his best trait.

Anchor- He has very good functional strength. He knows how to sit down and handle edge rushers who try to bull rush him. Defenders often fail to generate any push when trying to bull rush. He does a good job of bending at his knees and staying balance when rushers try to convert speed to power.

Versatility- He started games at 3 different positions including both tackle positions as well as right guard. I can also see him having success in both zone and power running schemes.

Athletic Ability/Size- His overall size is elite for a tackle. He has the size and weight to play on the edge but he does have below average length. His athletic ability is solid, he isn't going to wow anybody with the way that he moves but he can get the job done.

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