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The Future: 2021 NFL Draft Prospects Pat Freiermuth

Pat Freiermuth has a fantastic build to be an NFL quarterback at 6'5", 260lbs he can be a threat in both the passing and run game. He is going to be able to make an impact in the passing game right away in the NFL and he has the building blocks to turn into a great asset as a blocker in the run game. He is going to be a mismatch nightmare for any defense to try to cover as he is too big for most corners and safeties to cover and too fast/athletic for most linebackers to cover. Below I'll discuss his hands/ability to adjust, his separation quickness/ability to find the seam, how well he blocks in both zone and power concepts, how well he pas protects, and his yards after the catch (YAC).

Hands/Adjust- Freiermuth has very good hands. He catches everything away from his body, with his hands and doesn't allow the ball to get into his body where he could potentially drop it. He does a great job of adjusting to high throws where he has to go up above his head to catch the ball. In traffic, he isn't affected by having defenders around him and can complete catches while taking some big hits.

Separation Quickness/Find Seam- He isn't the most twitchy player but he does possess some wiggle when he gets to the top of the route. He is excellent at finding open areas against zone, especially when the quarterback escapes the pocket and receivers get off-script. He knows how to use his size and body to create space, especially against smaller defenders. Freiermuth lines up all over the field and is very versatile, he lines up with his hand in the dirt, in the backfield, in the slot, and out wide as a receiver. He knows how to create separation at all three levels of the field depending on the matchup which is the biggest reason why he is such a versatile threat. In play-action is where he is at his best since he is so good at finding open areas of the field.

Zone/Space Blocking and Power/Drive Blocking- He is the perfect blend of size and athleticism to make an impact in the run game. As of now, he is better as a zone blocker rather than a power blocker as he is better at simply driving defenders the way they are moving. He can get caught allowing defenders to cross his face at the point of attack. There are times where he looks good and can at a minimum create a stalemate while there are other times he looks completely overmatched. In the end, he is more of a receiver threat rather than a blocker but he can easily become an asset in the run game if he just puts the work in.

Pass Pro- He shouldn't be used too often in pass protection because he can be a real weapon in the passing game as a receiver. It can almost be looked at as a waste of his talent having him sit in pass protection. He could be used as a "chip" or double team where he ends up leaking out as a check down so he can still be used in the passing game.

YAC- Freiermuth is real rough to bring down. He can create yards after the catch with a combination of his athletic ability, size, and strength. Against linebackers, he has the athletic ability to make them miss while the size and strength to run over defensive backs. He is a very tough runner who fights for every single yard and it often takes multiple defenders to take him down.

Freiermuth is a borderline first round prospect who will end up dropping into the second round in my opinion. He developed the nickname "Baby Gronk" for a reason, as he is a beast of a receiving threat and can develop into a fantastic blocker. He should be drafted to a team that uses multiple tight end sets and knows how to get their weapons open. His value comes in his ability to be a mismatch on offense and the versatility he brings to the table.

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