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The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Liam Eichenberg

Liam Eichenberg is the next Notre Dame lineman in line to join the NFL. He is arguably the readiest tackle prospect in this class and at 6'6, 305lbs he has the size to thrive as a left tackle. He is a power first lineman who can dominate defenders when blocking down or when working to the 2nd level of the defense.

Pass Protection- He is technical and well developed coming out of Notre Dame. He has solid feet, very good balance, good knee bend, and good hands when blocking edge rushers. He has very powerful hands, especially on his initial pop. There are times where quicker edge rushers can get the best of him when rushing on the outside.

Lateral Mobility- He is a solid mover but isn't going to make his money with his lateral mobility. He isn't the most athletic lineman and it shows in this area of his game. He isn't the best at changing direction in either the pass or run game and is best when he can work vertically or straight down the line so he doesn't have to change his direction.

Length- He has very good, pro-ready length. At 6'6 he is simply a massive human being. He has prototypical NFL length and he knows how to use it.

Hands- He has a very strong initial pop in both the run and pass games and great length that allows him to stay in control and steer defenders. He does a good job with his timing and accuracy to keep his hands inside the defender's pads.

Zone Block- His lack of lateral mobility comes into play when in a zone-blocking scheme so I wouldn't ask him to play in that type of scheme too often.

Power Block- This is where Eichenberg can thrive at the next level. He is very good in the power game, especially when he can work vertically up the field or down the line of scrimmage and drive defenders backward. He can work in double teams where he will dominate and work the 2nd level.

Power at POA- This is his best trait. When going against one on one reps he will at minimum create a stalemate, often getting a very good push to create lanes. In double teams, he generates a lot of push and climbs to the 2nd level with ease. His hand power is very good as he will often jolt defenders backward with that initial pop.

Anchor- His ability to anchor can be inconsistent. Edge rushers that can convert speed to power are often able to get under his pads and drive him backward. Again his lateral mobility can hurt him here can be a little slow in getting into his pass set. Edge rushers that aren't elite at converting speed to power shouldn't give Eichenberg too much of a problem with his combination of size and strength. In the end, though he will rarely get pushed back into the quarterback.

Versatility- His versatility isn't great, he is a tackle, and that's it. He can play on both the right and left side of the line and is a fit for a power offense. If a zone team decided to draft him I could see some problems occurring in the run game as he isn't the most mobile lineman.

Athletic Ability/Size- His size is elite. He has the height, weight, and length that you want for an NFL left tackle. His athletic ability on the other hand isn't great and it is one of the few knocks on him as a prospect.

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