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The Future: 2021 NFL Draft Prospects Kyle Trask

Kyle Trask has a very interesting career starting back in high school. He never started a game in high school and spent the majority of his career on the bench in college as well where he was only able to step into the starting role last season when starting quarterback Felipe Franks was injured and Trask never looked back. Coming into this season he controlled the starting role and has been phenomenal in his role. His ability to sit and wait for his opportunity and then proceed and take advantage of every snap is something that should be looked at as a positive in Trask's draft profile. He has thrown for 4,125 yards, 43 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions in 11 games against an all SEC schedule which was on pace to threaten many of Joe Burrow's records from last year. I will look at Trask's accuracy, poise, decision making, arm strength, and ability to extend plays.

Accuracy- Trask has good accuracy to put the ball in a place for his receivers to come down with it and gain yards after the catch. He has shown a lot of trust in his receivers, especially tight end Kyle Pitts, to consistently win jump balls which will sometimes make up for a poorly thrown ball. He is best in the short/intermediate game but he has shown solid touch when pushing the ball downfield, especially on back-shoulder throws. When throwing outside the hashes he relies a lot on his timing and ability to control the safeties with his eyes. He consistently puts the ball in places where only his receivers can come down with it.

Poise- Trask doesn't get flustered by the moment or by the pressure put on him by the defense. Although he hasn't played in many big moments, in his most recent game against Alabama in the SEC title game Trask was able to throw for 408 yards with a 65% completion percentage along with 3 passing and 1 rushing touchdown. So against an Alabama defense in the SEC title game, Trask showed up with one of his best performances of the year. When under pressure he can move within the pocket to extend plays while keeping his eyes downfield. He was sacked a total of 19 times this season and hasn't allowed getting hit to affect his play.

Decision Making- Trask's decision making may be the best part of his game. He very rarely puts the ball in places for the defense to make plays on it. As seen by his 5 interceptions he doesn't turn the ball over. This is partially due to the play calling and scheme but there's no reason an NFL team cannot try to replicate the scheme he is already in since he executes it at a very high-level week in and week out. He is most likely to make a bad decision when throwing deep balls to his big, athletic receivers since he puts a lot of trust in them to make plays downfield. In the NFL he will not be able to do this as much due to the level of competition and will lead to more turnovers.

Arm Strength- Trask's arm strength is average. He isn't going to wow scouts with his ability to push the ball down the field. He has solid zip to put the ball in tight windows but will mainly win again on his timing and ball placement. He will often lose power on his throws because he doesn't use his lower body very well. There are many times where he doesn't step and drive to his front leg which results in a loss of power in his throws. Again to keep hammering the point that Trask is a QB who wins on timing and ball placement although there is room for improvement when it comes to his arm strength.

Extend Plays- Many scouts and draft analysts don't believe that Trask can extend plays at all. I disagree. He is not Justin Fields, but he has good movement from within the pocket and has shown that he can move outside of the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield. When outside of the pocket he is not looking to run, he is always looking downfield, directing traffic, and trying to find an open receiver. His pocket presence is very good as he knows where to find openings within the pocket and has shown that he is willing to step into throws even when he knows a hit is coming. His mobility reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger where he isn't considered a mobile quarterback but he can get outside of the pocket and make some plays on the run.

When it comes to where Trask will get drafted I think he is an early 2nd round talent who has the potential to be draft towards the 2nd half of the 1st round due to high demand of quarterbacks this year with as many as 7-10 teams needing a quarterback.

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