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The Future: 2021 NFL Draft Prospects Jevon Holland

Jevon Holland is my 2nd ranked safety behind TCU's Trevon Moehrig. They are very different prospects as Moehrig is a prototypical deep safety where Holland is a very versatile safety who isn't elite at any one thing but is really good at a bunch of different things. He can play as a deep safety, man in the slot, in the box as a run defender, and can even play on special teams as a returner in both the punt and kick game. Below I'll discuss his ability to help in run support, his range, his open-field tackling, his ball skills, and how well he can play man coverage.

Run Support- Holland is really good in run support. He is a technically sound tackler who can get off of blockers and get to the ball carrier. He is aggressive and violent when coming from high to low while also doing a good job of taking good angles and maintaining good leverage. Lastly, his positioning is always on point. He seems to always know where the ball is in run fakes and options and his mental processing allows him to be in the right position.

Range- He has the athleticism to be a good single or two high safety and his mental processing again allows him to always be in the right position. When aligned as a high safety he has command of the defense and adjusts well to any pre-snap motion by communicating to the teammates around him.

Open Field Tacking- This is another strength of Holland. He closes the gap between him and the ballcarrier very quickly and he looks to attack the ballcarrier violently with sound technique. He looks to bring his pads behind every hit which can result in some very big hits. Whether he is lined up in the box, over the slot, or as a high safety he takes good angles to get to the ball carrier and he gets through blockers very easily.

Ball Skills- His ball skills are very good, borderline elite. He reads the quarterback well to make breaks on the ball and be in a position to create turnovers. He has shown the hands to make interceptions as well as pass breakups. When in man coverage he does a good job of getting his head around to find the ball and when he isn't able to get his hand around he reads the receiver well to get his hand/arm in position to disrupt the pass.

Man Coverage- When tasked with playing man coverage it is usually against tight ends or slot receivers and he does a very good job of mirroring receivers. He has smooth hips that allow him to flip and run match vertical stems with receivers. He doesn't possess the top end speed to run with faster receivers so he will need to be a matchup based man defender.

Holland is someone who is going to be able to go into the NFL and make an immediate impact. In regards to why I have him ranked second behind Moehrig is because I believe Moehrig could end up being elite as a backend safety and has a more definitive skill set where Holland is extremely versatile and a coach will need to be able to position him all over the field in every way possible so he will be able to have a full impact in the NFL. It is more of a 1A and a 1B ranking in my opinion because both players are extremely talented and will make an impact from day 1.

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