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The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Jalen Mayfield

Jalen Mayfield was thrown right into the fire in his first full year as a starter where he had to line up against Chase Young from Ohio State, Yetur Gross-Matos from Penn State, and Jayson Oweh also out of Penn State to name just a few. He has only started in 15 games over his career and only 2 in 2020 due to injuries along with covid cancellations and issues. Mayfield brings in a combination of power, size, and athleticism that helps him excel in both the run and pass game.

Pass Protection- Mayfield has all the physical tools to pass protect in the NFL consistently. His hand technique is good, especially for only 15 career starts. His feet are quick and allow him to drop into his pass set to beat speed rushers along the edge. He anchors very well and has very good functional strength. There are times where he can get caught leaning over his feet against speed rushers who are strictly trying to beat him with speed.

Lateral Mobility- This is arguably his best trait. He is smooth and fluent with all his movements in both the pass and run game and can do everything you ask of him. His short-area quickness is elite and he will be able to play in any scheme and have a lot of success. In the pass game, he can drop easily into his pass sets, and in the run game, he can easily move well to the 2nd level and in the open field against smaller, quicker defenders.

Length- His length is solid, he isn't going to possess elite length but it is going to meet that minimum length that many teams look for in their tackles. When combined with his strength and athletic ability his length becomes another asset he can use to protect the quarterback and create running lanes for the ball carrier.

Hands- In pass protection, his timing with his hands is very good, but there is room for development with his accuracy. There are times where he can get caught leaning when defenders can swipe his hands away so he will need to improve upon his balance more so he can adjust when he can't hit his mark the first time. His hands are very powerful in both the pass and run game and he can consistently create that initial jolt against defenders. With only 15 career games his technique isn't perfect but there has good a solid amount of development from the beginning of his career.

Zone Block- He has great feet to play in space. He works well to the 2nd level of the defense when asked to and has the elite laterally mobility to block smaller/quicker defenders. For how big he is he shouldn't be able to move the way he does so he can dominate in a zone scheme.

Power Block- He brings just as much to the table in a power running scheme as he does in a zone running scheme. He blocks down very well and can create very big running lanes for his backs. He is athletic enough to play as a pulling lineman, walls off defenders well, and can consistently create a solid push at the line of scrimmage.

Power at POA- He is very quick off the ball to get that early advantage that is often needed in the run game. His initial pop in both the run and pass games are both very good and his hands bring a lot of power behind them. In double teams and when blocking down, he creates a great push and dominates defenders at the 2nd level. I'd consider him a mauler in the run game who can consistently dominate.

Anchor- He has the functional strength to anchor down well where he can sit down and hold the edge against bull rushers or defenders who try to convert speed to power. He shows solid knee bend, with the ability to drop his hips and anchor down to hold ground.

Versatility- Mayfield has the versatility to play both tackle positions but I project him as a right tackle. He will be able to bump inside to guard later in his career with his power as well as his athletic ability.

Athletic Ability/Size- Mayfield has prototypical size for an NFL tackle with the height, weight, and length to hold down the edge. His athletic ability is borderline elite. Behind only Sewell and Slater, Mayfield should be able to move well in any scheme in both the run and pass game.

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