• Matt Oehl

The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore is a dynamic athlete who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He is versatile in that he can line up both in the slot and outside and can be a factor in the run game as well. He isn't the best route runner and wasn't asked to run an extensive route tree while at Ole Miss. He was also in an explosive offensive scheme under Lane Kiffin that would work wonders to get Moore open. Below I'll discuss his hands, his release, his ability to separate, how well he can adjust and control his body, and how well he can gain yards after the catch.

Hands- I believe that Moore has better hands than most people believe. He can consistently catch the ball away from his body and outside his frame. The most impressive catch he made was against Alabama, in the ran, where he was not wearing gloves and grabbed the ball just over his toes without having to double-clutch it and then get upfield and gain a few yards. He was consistently snatching the ball out of the air against Alabama.

Release- When Moore gets pressed he doesn't possess the functional strength to get through jams and he can get bullied when those jams hit. He does possess the agility and quick-twitch to shake corners off when they aren't jamming or successful with their jams.

Against off coverage he easily gains ground on the corner and deceives them with his quickness.

Separation Quickness- Moore's athleticism is very good. His speed, acceleration, and agility are the main ways that he can get open. He is very explosive in and out of his cuts and he knows how to use his speed to win on vertical routes. He does a very good job with double moves whether it be a stop and go or a slant and go he can deceive corners. He will need to improve upon his overall route running technique with slight nuances. Since he was in such an explosive offense he wasn't asked to run a ton of different routes so this is an area of his game he will need to develop and due to his explosive athleticism I think he will be able to.

Adjust/Body Control- He isn't the biggest receiver and he doesn't have the biggest catch radius so he isn't going to be able to make up for bad throws by the quarterback like other receivers. He tracks the ball well over his shoulder and can adjust on vertical routes. Anything that is within his catch radius he can adjust well too but I wouldn't ask him to go up and win contested-catch scenarios often.

YAC- Moore is a dynamic punt returner and he brings that same vision, speed, and open field ability after the catch. He easily finds open lanes and makes excellent cuts to make defenders miss. He is often used in jet sweep and screens because of how good he is with the ball in his hands in the open field.

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