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The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Christian Darrisaw

Christian Darrisaw started as a freshman for Virginia Tech over the last three seasons and steadily developed into a top-tier prospect. This class of offensive tackles is very deep and good and teams at the end of the first round are going to be able to some very talented players. Darrisaw has the size, length, and mobility to play at the next level and with continued development, he can become a very good tackle in the NFL. My biggest concern with him is there are plays that he doesn't finish and he will take off. One play he will dominate in the run game and the next it looks like he is not giving it his all.

Pass Pro- Darrisaw is a very athletic tackle who has the quick feet to drop into his pass set. His hands are solid as there are times where they can get a little wide and they will be outside the defender's pads. His balance is good and he can handle bull rushes well but there are times when he bends at the waist and lunges when speed rushers get a good initial jump. His size and functional strength allow him to anchor very well.

Lateral Mobility- Playing in a heavy zone scheme at VT, Darrisaw was able to show off his athletic ability to move laterally as well as in space. His hip mobility is good to drop step and he has quick feet to work upfield to the 2nd level of the defense. He works well in space as he can easily overpower smaller defenders at the 2nd level and he has the mobility to find them and consistently make solid contact with them.

Length- His length is very good which makes it difficult for edge rushers to get around the edge on him. He does a better job of using his length to keep defenders off of his frame than in the run game where he will sometimes allow defenders to get hands-on first and control him.

Hands- In pass pro his hands are solid. Again he will allow his hands to get too wide at times. When he does hit his marks though he does a good job controlling and steering defenders to create running lanes in the run game as well as control defenders in the pass game. This is probably the area of his game that needs the most development.

Zone Block- He was a part of a zone scheme his entire career at VT so he is most comfortable in this scheme. He has the lateral mobility to dominate in a zone scheme and a team in the NFL should draft him with the idea of putting him into a dominant zone scheme.

Power Block- Considering he came from a dominant zone scheme, Darrisaw still possesses the ability to play in a power run game. He has good functional strength, with room to still improve though, and he does a good job of pulling and lead blocking for the ballcarrier. The only concern again is he isn't a mauler in the run game and will take some plays off here and there which could become a major concern for some teams.

Power at POA- He has some solid power to create a push at the point of attack, especially against smaller edge rushers. He can dominate at the 2nd level, he knows how to use his leverage and angles to attack defenders to create an advantage. He still has room in his frame to add functional strength though and he needs to not take plays off at the next level.

Anchor- This is one of the better parts of his game. He shows good bend in his knees which results in a good pad level. There are times where the rusher can get the initial push, especially when converting speed to power, but he does a good job to anchor down and hold his ground, recover, and anchor late.

Versatility- He isn't as versatile as some other prospects in this class but he has played at both tackle positions and I believe he can play in both a zone and power scheme, although I do believe he is a better fit in a zone scheme.

Athletic Ability/Size- His combination of size and athleticism is what makes him such an interesting prospect for many NFL teams.

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