• Matt Oehl

The Future 2021 NFL Draft Prospects: Brevin Jordan

Brevin Jordan, tight end out of Miami, stands at 6'3, 245lbs, and averaged about 14.6 yards per catch with a lot of those yards coming after the catch. He was used all over the place, in line, out wide, in the slot, and as a blocker. He is a very good receiver who maximizes his yards after the catch with very good athleticism. As a blocker, he is extremely competitive but with added strength and technique he can become a stud. Below I'll discuss his hands and ability to adjust, his separation quickness and ability to find seams, his zone and power blocking, his pass protection, and his ability to gain yards after the catch.

Hands/Adjust- He has very good hands and has shown that he can consistently catch the ball away from his body while maintaining possession through contact. He is a natural pass catcher and can catch the ball well outside of his frame. He can win in jump ball situations but I would like to see him improve in his ability to consistently come down with the ball over smaller defenders.

Separation Quickness/Find Seam- He lines up all over the field and knows how to find open areas against zone coverage. He knows how to use both his size and athleticism to win and get open and he can be a mismatch player in the NFL. When going against defensive backs and safeties he not only has the size to win but he also has the athleticism to win with his speed, burst, and agility. He wasn't asked to run an extensive route tree but his route running has developed and I believe it can continue to develop at the next level.

Zone/Power Blocking- Effort is never a question when it comes to Jordan's ability as a blocker. He was often used as a backside blocker in zone concepts and was able to hold his own. He will need to add strength and technique to improve as a power/drive blocker.

Pass Protection- He is best to be used as a receiver in the passing game but there will be times where he needs to stay in and protect. I have noticed he will miss assignments due to miscommunication which can easily be fixed at the next level. He anchors down very well, shows a good pad level, but there are times where he can get caught leaning forward when he doesn't move his feet.

YAC- Jordan is an extremely athletic tight end. If you watch the game against Louisville he had a great run after the catch where he hurdled a defender and dove for the end zone but stepped out a few yards away. He is shifty for his size and his straight-line speed is good. He is a very physical and violent runner and average over nine yards after the catch per reception and can turn any short catch into a long gain.

I have Jordan ranked as my third tight end and could see him going as early as the second round and as late as the end of the third. He is exactly what NFL teams are looking for in their tight ends as a player who can block in the run game and is athletic enough in the pass game to makes plays with the ball in his hands.

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