• Matt Oehl

TDA Grading Scale

My Grading Scale is on a 65.0-100.0 scale and I will go more into depth with each grade:

100.0-90.0: 1st Round Grade- these are all players who I believe are the best at their position and have the talent of a 1st round prospect. This doesn't mean that these prospects will/should go in the 1st round due to positional value.

85.0-89.9: 2nd Round Grade- these are all players who could be anywhere from fringe 1st rounders, some of which I would be very comfortable taking in the 1st round to players who are strictly 2nd round players that could be solid starters from day one.

84.9-80.0: 3rd Round Grade- Players who I believe have 3rd round talent. They could range from day one starters to developmental players who can get more playing time as the season goes on.

79.9-75.0: 4th Round Grade- Developmental players who may need a few seasons to become impact players on either offense of defense. Depending on the position they could have an impact on special teams from day one.

74.9-70.0: 5th Round Grade- Again more developmental players who with a lot of work could one day become an impact player. May find a diamond in a rough in some of these later rounds but will mostly find special teamers and role players.

69.9-65.0: 6th-7th Round Grade- Players who may have some off field issues, role players, and special teamers.

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