• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: NFC South New Orleans Saints

The Saints only had 4 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. This seems to be the last season the Saints are going to be relevant as Super Bowl contenders before they come into a messy salary cap situation with some very important contracts expiring in the next few years and Drew Brees career slowly coming to an end. Since they only had 4 picks in this past year, only 1 of which is truly making an impact I will not be going too in-depth about this player.

With their 1st pick, the Saints took interior offensive lineman, Cesar Ruiz. He has played in 6 games, starting 3 after missing week 1. In the 3 games he has started, he played in 100% of the snaps while recording 0 penalties and giving up 0 sacks. After 2019 the Saints already had a top 10 line in the league and adding Ruiz not only added depth to an already stacked line but help add a very good lineman to look forward to the future with. He is a very powerful, mobile lineman who is better in the run game than in pass protection so far. His overall technique in the passing game needs to and will improve throughout his career. He plays as though he is simply bigger and stronger than everybody he plays against, and up until not he probably was. In the NFL though he isn't and will never be bigger and stronger than everybody he plays. This is part of the reason why his technique in pass pro isn't great. His footwork, hand technique, and although he is a mobile lineman his lateral movement will need to get better if he wants to become a very good offensive lineman in the NFL.

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