• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: NFC North Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers made one of the more controversial picks in the 1st round of the NFL Draft, trading up to pick quarterback Jordan Love in a draft class loaded with offensive weapons they decided to take a quarterback to be their backup (hopefully their future starter) instead of giving Aaron Rodgers more weapons to lead them to a super bowl. They then proceeded to add depth at the running back position, where Aaron Jones came off of a 1,000+ yard and 16 touchdown season, by drafting AJ Dillon.

Jordan Love is not going to play a game this year unless Aaron Rodgers goes down with an injury, and with the way Rodgers is playing he doesn't look ready to give up his starting position for net year either. We many not know if this was a good pick or not for a few years since Love is not going to be getting any play time in the near future.

AJ Dillon is a very powerful runner who has played in 7 games so far this year recording 23 rushes for 97 yards and 1 reception for 16 yards. I expected the packers to get Dillon more involved on short yardage plays and in goal line situations simply because he might be the most powerful back in the league that isn't name Derrick Henry. His straight line speed is solid and his ability to make defenders miss is better then expected from someone his size but he lacks lateral agility to make multiple cuts. He is best as a downhill, one-cut runner who can use his speed and power to wear down defenses over time. With Aaron Jones on the last year of his contract it will be very interesting to see how the front office for the Packers handles a contract extension for Jones. I don't think the Packers end up signing Jones to an extension strictly because I think he is going to want more money than the Packers are willing to give him. Hopefully this will lead to AJ Dillon becoming the 1st and 2nd down back at minimum where he will be able to show off his play from Boston College.

The Packers are in a very interesting spot as an organization simply because the future is very uncertain considering how they handled the last transition from a Hall of Fame quarterback. If Jordan Love has shown the coaches and front office that he can be the future for the Packers does that mean they organization with cut ties with Aaron Rodgers? It's a very tough organization to get a read on as far as their future goes but it will most definitely be exciting.

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