• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: NFC East Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles made a very questionable choice with their 2nd round draft pick. Not only was it arguably a reach but it also hurt them more than helped them in the short term. Taking Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round hurt them because it takes a hit on the morale and confidence of Carson Wentz instead of drafting a position to help him such as an offensive lineman. Who knows, Hurts may end up being the future franchise quarterback because he is a great locker room presence. With their 1st round pick though they did try to get Wentz some help by drafting wide receiver Jalen Reagor out of TCU. He has dealt with injuries, missing 6 games due to a torn ligament in his thumb.

Jalen Reagor has started in all 6 of the games he has played in. He has been targeted 33 times, making 19 receptions for 222 yards and 1 touchdown while taking 1 rush for 6 yards. His production has not been great but that is not due to his level of play in my opinion. Overall the Eagles offense has been brutally bad. Partially due to injuries and the play of Carson Wentz. Reagor though is a tough receiver who is a very good deep threat. He has good hands with some lapses where he loses focus and this results in drops. His release and route running are good because of his athletic ability but he can improve here through small details. He is best at contested catches, even though he is not a big receiver he plays much bigger than his frame. After the catch, he is a tough runner with very good speed to separate and make defenders miss in the open field. I think that if he was not injured this pick would not look as bad as it does so far. He is a very talented player that got drafted into a bad situation. Even though the Eagles receiver room is not good, the overall lack of offensive production has limited Reagor on top of the injuries.

With their 2nd round pick the Eagles took Jalen Hurts, quarterback out of Oklahoma. Although I loved Hurts both as a locker room presence and leader I did not believe he was worth a 2nd round pick. I projected him as a project quarterback who needs to improve many aspects of his game if he ever wants to become a starting quarterback in the NFL. In college he didn't get through reads easily, his accuracy was inconsistent but his athletic ability is very good to create plays out of the pocket and with his legs. he has played a very small role in 10 games, rushing the ball 12 times for 56 yards while attempting 3 passes for 3 completions and 33 yards. Depending on what happens with this team for the remainder of the year and this offseason will tell a lot about the future of Jalen Hurts. I do believe he has the mindset and work ethic to become a starter in the NFL but it will all depend on how well the Eagles can develop him into reading defenses and making accurate throws. The Eagles are in a really tough position with an older roster, no cap room, and a quarterback who looks defeated in Carson Wentz. At this time next year, I think the Eagles will look like a very different team who are potentially entering a complete rebuild.

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