• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: AFC East New York Jets

The New York Jets have been a mess so far this year, having an 0-11 season with a last-second loss to the Raiders where defensive coordinator Greg Williams decided to blitz, leaving his corners on an island against speedster Henry Ruggs III. Based on their last performance, the Jets are in position to draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and in the 2020 draft they were able to draft a premier position to hopefully protect their future quarterback. With the 11th overall pick, the Jets were able to draft left tackle Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.

Becton has played in all 10 games, starting in 9 of them and missing part of the game against the Denver Broncos due to injuries. He has played 468 snaps giving up 5 sacks and recording 4 penalties. In the run game, he is an absolute mauler. At 6'7, 364lbs, he can physically dominate most defenders who line up against him. In both the zone and power run game he has the size, power, and technique to create lanes for runners. He also has very good athleticism to pull and be a lead blocker where no defender wants to get in his way. In the pass game he needs to improve though which was obvious when looking at his college film where he was a great run blocker but not so good pass blocker. He will sometimes be slow off the ball and not get depth in his first few steps. He will get caught leaning over his toes which leads to pass rushers being able to bat his hands away with ease. He needs to improve his overall technique in pass blocking both with his hands and his feet. Becton has been better as a pass blocker than I would've predicted when he was drafted which is a very good sign for the Jets. He looks to be a cornerstone of the franchise that lacks talent all over the roster and hopefully he can protect Lawrence once he becomes a Jet, assuming they get and keep the number 1 overall pick.

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