• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: AFC East Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins were labeled as "Tanking for Tua" for the entire 2019 NFL season where they ended on a 5-4 run after starting the season 0-7 and getting the 5th pick in the draft. They were lucky enough to have quarterback Joe Burrow emerge as the 1st pick in the draft so Tua could fall to them at 5. After leading the team to a 5-3 record the Dolphins made the tough choice to bench starter Ryan Fitzpatrick for Tua to see what they had in the young rookie and so far it's looked good.

Tua has started in 5 games, leading the Dolphins to a 5-1 record in his starts. Tua has a completion percentage of 63.2% going 86-136 for 898 yards and 7 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. I will say that Tua hasn't looked elite so far but I didn't expect him to and he also may not be putting up the numbers that Herbert or Burrow are but he is winning games. Tua doesn't need to put up massive numbers for the Dolphins since their defense has been playing very well this year. The one game where Tua needed to step up was against the Cardinals where he led a 4th quarter drive to win the game. Tua's best attributes so far this year has no doubt been his accuracy and decision making. He consistently puts the ball in a place where his receivers can complete the catch, especially in the short to the intermediate passing game. Although he isn't asked to push the ball downfield very often when he does he puts the ball in the right spots. In regards to his decision making, there was one play against the Chargers he put the ball at risk and it should've been intercepted by a Chargers linebacker. Other than that he makes the right decisions and doesn't turn the ball over which is exactly what the Dolphins need him to do. He is being a game manager and when called upon to make a play he has delivered.

The Dolphins have set themselves up for long-term success. Head coach Brian Flores is the perfect pairing to lead to a successful NFL team. A defensive head coach combined with Tua should last a long time in the NFL, especially once Tua is comfortable enough to take the offense over and become a coach on the field. With a ton of picks in the upcoming drafts they can surround Tua with more talent, maybe one of his former receivers from Alabama, and help him become an elite NFL quarterback.

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