• Matt Oehl

Following the Rookies: AFC East Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were left without their 2020 1st round draft pick after trading it to the Minnesota Vikings for wide receivers Stefon Diggs. So far this trade has worked out well for both sides as the Bills got a number 1 receiver in Diggs who is playing like a top receiver in the league, and the Vikings were able to turn that 1st round pick into Justin Jefferson who is balling out as a rookie so far this year. The Bills proceeded to take a very talented running back, Zack Moss, in the 3rd round.

Moss has played in 8 games this year, missing 3 due to a toe injury. In those 8 games, Moss has taken 68 rushes for 283 yards and 3 touchdowns along with 11 receptions for 77 yards and 1 touchdown. Moss was one of the more underrated players in the 2020 draft. He showed a lot of good things in his college career and so far they have translated very well into the NFL. He is a very powerful, elusive back that has very good contact balance and agility to break tackles and make defenders miss. He is perfect for the role the Bills want him to play as a two-back attack with running mate Devin Singletary. Moss is a power runner who looks for contact and surprises defenders with his elusiveness. His top-end speed is not the best, as seen by his 4.6 40 yard dash in the NFL combine, but that doesn't hold him back on the field. He is very comfortable as a pass catcher and although he hasn't been used that often in the pass game he is more than capable of handling a bigger workload. He is also a very good pass blocker, with very good size and strength to handle blitzing linebackers, he isn't afraid to meet blitzer's in the hole and deliver a big hit. This was a very good pick by the Bills as they added depth to the running back position while using their 1st round draft pick to give Josh Allen a true number 1 receiver in Stefon Diggs. A lot of what the Bills did this offseason revolved around surrounding Josh Allen with more talent and Zack Moss is a key piece to that. As the season comes to an end and the weather gets colder, Moss could become an even more important piece for the Bills as a big powerful back who can hit teams in the mouth in a cold-weather game.

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